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Cole at Children's Hospital for a week in April
Cole at Children's Hospital for a week in April

Team Cole



We are once again working to raise money for LIDS Step Forward to Cure TSC! 

This year's fundraising comes in the midst of continued challenges as Cole's seizures escalated signficantly in the last year. We recently spent a week at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago undergoing a variety of tests as we head down a painful path of considering surgical options.  Cole has been a continued spirit of strength and postivity thru challenges most of us couldn't imagine.  It is this spirit that makes us love and appreciate him so much more.

With a new Neurological Team at Lurie Childrens and many prayers we continue to feel blessed for the support we receive and most importantly the wonderful young man Cole is becoming. We're asking you to join us in the fight to find a cure! Please help support our family who have refused to give up, refused to take no for an answer, even when faced with the daily challenges of seizures, ADHD, behavioral problems, and medical complications.

We’re making HUGE strides in finding a cure for TSC. Here’s what we know now that we didn’t know just two short years ago: TSC is what’s called a “linchpin” disease. The genetic pathway involved in TSC is the same pathway affecting over a dozen major diseases and disorders, including autism, epilepsy, cancer, and obesity. We’ve got a long way to go, but recent clinical trials of a new drug actually show the symptoms of autism disappearing in mice. We’re in a race against time and our resources are strained beyond their limits!

Please support our fight by joining me and helping to break the back of this horrific disorder. You can make a donation securely by clicking the donate button on this page.

Many, many thanks!

Patton Family

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