Atlanta Walk FY19

Kickin' TSC for Dee

Our team is participating in Step Forward to Cure TSC. We choose to fight for the 1 in 6,000 people born with TSC every day, 50,000 in the U.S., over 1 million worldwide. TSC is more common than Lou Gehrig's disease and Cystic Fibrosis. And there is no cure. Yet!


We were lucky enough to have gotten to know a beautiful lady named Dee. She joined our Rotary club and hit the ground running. She did so much for our club even as she was a single mother of 3 and the fundraising chair for the TSC Alliance. Her daughter had been diagnosed with this disease and in true Dee style she went all in trying to learn as much as she could so that she could best serve her family. As our club was scheduled to walk our first Atlanta Step Forward for a Cure, Dee was diagnosed with cancer. Lucky for her but no so much for the rest of us, the disease didn't linger long and she was escorted to meet her heavenly father. She was a huge fan of any kind of awesome shoe and in her short time with her illness, someone gave her a kickin pair of boots. A fellow rotarian, friend and neighbor of Dee came up with the slogan (and cool shirts) Kickin' TSC for Dee. We want to keep this kickin' tradition alive for Dee and keep kickin'. 

This is a lesser know disease. As you know, the more obscure the disease the less support it gets. We are walking this year to not only support our beautiful friend, but also to help raise funds to provide research and awareness. Please consider a donation to this great organization. Every little bit helps!

Please support our fight by joining me and helping to break the back of this horrific disorder. You can register to join us or make a donation securely by clicking the donate button on this page.  

Many, many thanks!

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