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Run, dance, shop or bowl, Keys to the Cure is all about having a good time while making a tremendous difference in the lives of those with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).  You don’t have to break any fundraising records; you can create your own personal event and set up your online fundraising page so you can accept online donations.

It’s about joy, hope and a better future. So start planning your own Keys to the Cure event now, and we'll give you all the tools you need to make your event a success. Below are some great ideas to consider.

Keys to Gifts — Lots of people prefer money they would spend on a gift to go toward helping people living with TSC. Set up your personal fundraising page for your Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday, holiday or whatever you feel like celebrating.

Keys to Party — Host a party.  It might be a dinner party at your home, private invitation event or a large outdoor picnic.

Keys to Sales — Garage sales, lemonade stands, giftware or jewelry; host a shopping event and it can become a fundraising event to benefit the TS Alliance.

Keys to Race — Join an existing race, marathon or sporting event or host your own. Walk across the country, across the state or down the street.

Keys to Golf — Hole in one!  Everyone wins when you host a golf tournament to benefit the TS Alliance.

Keys to Dance — Host a dance marathon, dance contest, or night on the town.

Keys to Bowl — Donations per score, bowl-a-thons; they can all be a great way to raise funds for the cure.

Hair Thing — Whether you are shaving, dying, cutting or waxing, a hair event is great fun with a serious side in that it raises the awareness of TSC.

School-Based Events — Schools are wonderfully committed communities and having kids, parents, and teachers involved in fundraising is extremely important to all who participate. Create a blue jeans day, hat day, read-a-thon, walk or hula hoop contest for example.

Challenge Events — These unique events are always great for awareness building and fundraising. So go ahead: camp out on the roof, dare to eat that slug, spend the night in jail or make up your own challenge.

Lunch or Coffee Money — Ask your co-workers to donate their lunch money ($5) and to get five more people to donate their lunch money. If you have 5 people donating $5 and asking 5 more people, the results may amaze you!

Create Your Own — We would love to hear about your idea! Please call (800) 225-6872.

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