Honor a Loved One


Tribute gifts can be made in honor or in memory of individuals. It is a wonderful way to send a birthday or anniversary wish, or congratulations for retirement, a job well done, graduation, etc. The TS Alliance will acknowledge your tribute gift by sending an appropriate note to the family in whose name the gift was made. The amount of your gift will not be mentioned. Click here to make a Tribute Gift now!

Dee Triemer Memorial Fund

In May 2015, the TS Alliance Board of Directors established the Dee Triemer Memorial Fund to honor and pay tribute in a meaningful way to Dee Triemer – a TSC mom and advocate as well as a long-time TS Alliance volunteer and staff member.  Dee passed away May 19, 2015, but her legacy, tireless efforts and achievements will live on through this fund. Click here to donate to the Dee Triemer Memorial Fund now!