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To fund the next wave of scientific breakthroughs, we launched our Unlock the Cure fundraising campaign, a vital step toward implementing research needed to move potential treatments from the lab (pre-clinical) to the TSC community (trials). These discoveries truly make a difference in the lives of individuals and families as they experience their own triumphs and challenges with TSC.

Since 2011 with your help, nearly $9 million has been raised for research programs, so together we may strive to:

  • Increase funding of Research Grants to cultivate a new generation of scientists;
  • Create a Preclinical Consortium to systematically test candidate drugs and move them toward clinical trials;
  • Expand the Natural History Database to understand the progression of TSC throughout a lifetime;
  • Establish a Biosample Repository as a resource to help researchers design personalized treatments in the future;
  • Develop a Clinical Research Consortium to rapidly conduct clinical studies, including the first preventative clinical trial for epilepsy in United States

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The Lauren Krinsky Research Fund

Div Right Align

The Lauren Krinsky Family Research Fund for a Cure was created in honor of the contributions made by the Krinsky Family to the TS Alliance. Gifts to this fund will be invested in research toward improving treatment of TSC in individuals of all ages. Contributions will support projects to eliminate—not just shrink—life-threatening tumors in the kidneys, lungs, and brain. This fund will also support projects to test drugs to improve the neuropsychiatric aspects of TSC that impact daily quality of life. Furthermore, contributions to this fund will go toward collecting biospecimens and high-quality clinical data to be used by researchers to learn why the effects of TSC vary greatly from person to person and how we can tailor specific treatments to each individual.

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